Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Belt

I'm Ready to test for Green!

No I am not supposed to be looking at Mom and Dad right now!
I'm in listening position #1

I'm a green belt now! Yeah!

Lynnie and her instructor

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolate chip cookie?

Where have I been you ask? At school!
I am taking a 12 month class to become an RDMS (registered diagnostic medical sonographer).
I just took my first test online and don't have the results back yet. My poor brain is on overload these days trying to juggle family, work, and school. :)
When I close my eyes at night my brain replays images of round chocolate chip cookies...but you can't eat these. These are the elusive ovaries that I must find on ultrasound. The chocolate chips are the follicles that grow within the ovary carrying the eggs and preparing to release their precious cargo in hopes that a new life will be created. :) Its funny that when you are pregnant with a little girl, you are already carrying the eggs within your womb that might one day be your grandchildren. It really is quite amazing to be able to see inside the human body with ultrasound.