Monday, July 20, 2009

2 years

Two years have passed since you were here my boy
and most people have all "moved on."
not even a passing thought crosses their hearts and minds
to remember your essence and who you are.

But I have not forgotten you my son...
You memory floods my heart each day
I think of you and wonder how you would have changed
Who you would be now...the things you might say.

You would be a teen in two months
The big year...turning 13
I would probably be pulling out my hair
dealing with a teenage boy.

I know with my mind that you are safe in God's hands
But sometimes it is hard to know with my heart
I want to see you smile with my mortal eyes
and hear your voice and hold you tight.

God keep you my son
until the day
I am reunited with you
for all eternity