Saturday, September 19, 2009

September birthdays

Happy Birthday!
To all those wonderful people I know with September birthdays!
May these balloons of happy birthday find you from afar!
To my two adorable neices
who live far away in Albania!
To my wonderful sister Kelly
who also lives far away in Oregon
To my awesome stepson Westley
currently in Washington State
(Happy birthday today!!!)
To my beautiful little cousin Sierra
turning 6
in California
To (yes myself but I am not far away :) )
And to my son Joshua
His big 13 in a week
How I wish I could celebrate with him
He is beyond birthdays
Ok...stop reading now if you don't want to be depressed....
Joshua sure loved his birthday
hmmm...enchilada dinner was usually his favorite
His excitement was always contagious
I don't know what he would want this year
I don't know what new interests he would have now.
2 years ago he would have wanted an ocarina
or zelda games, or and electric scooter. :)
He would have grown and changed in these two years
Who would he be today if he was still here?
September used to be a month we shared
Our birthday month
Now it is bittersweet
I can't celebrate my own birthday without missing him
I have shed many tears this month already without him
So happy birthday my son in Heaven
If you are aware of what we are doing
I hope you have a big smile knowing how much we love you
knowing how much we will aways celebrate the day you came into our lives