Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kids having fun

Micah's new earring in honor of Joshua.

Jacob minus a couple of teeth.
The next pictures were out in the freezing cold!!! I couldn't stand it for more then a few minutes without gloves on. BRRRRRRRR. The kids had fun sledding.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas Stockings
I added our Joshua ornament to our angel between our stockings
We had a white Christmas this year. It snowed all night long. The kids had fun today opening up presents. We just can't help missing Joshua today. He would have been so excited. He loved Christmas. I know he is happy with Jesus celebrating the King in heaven.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two special people in Heaven

Of the wonderful people in this photo I only have one left here on Earth to keep me company. Luckily Micah has some younger siblings here since the photo to keep us company as well. We love and miss you Mom and Joshua. I am a tad late in the remembering of your leaving us, Mom. I know you were there with arms open wide to greet my dear Joshua. I can't wait for the day you both greet me and we will be together for all eternity.

Happy Times

These were pictures takes at cousin Judy's house in Laramie
This is Lynnie, Joshua, and Jacob

Here is Micah just kicking back.

Cousins getting to know each other: Cody and Jacob

Some more young cousins getting to know each other: Sierra and Lynnie

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Missing Joshua at Christmas

We were looking through Joshua's box and found this picture. He is so handsome. I hope he looks similar in his heavenly body because there really isn't much to improve (at least in our eartly minds). We are still waiting for the gravestone. The paper work had apparently been filed on in a pile of papers on a desk instead of being put away in the right place so it got left undone. They have the stone in but they have to do the engraving still. We miss him terribly. Going to the mall is hard. He would have loved all the Christmas hype and been excited to tell us what he wanted. I know he gets to spend Christmas with the birthday boy Himself but how I wish he could be here with us instead.

Christmas trio

Our tree is up hurray hurray, three cuties sit nearbye.
Jacob Jeffrey, Lynn Marie, and Micah side bye side.

We are all missing Joshua for he should be here too
Sitting and smiling and making us laugh
instead we all feel kind of blue.

We have many more earthly years to celebrate our King
Each year brings us closer to the day we get to sing
in glorified bodies to Jesus with joy
side by side with Joshua our precious heavenly boy

Micah, Jacob and Lynnie. They are all so dear
I will focus my attentions on them at Christmastime this year
They are still here in earthly form, still needing their mothers love
While you my boy in Heaven, have all needs met from up above

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Childrens Christmas Musical

We had our childrens musical at church today. It was called Candy Cane Lane. Micah got to be a cast member and got to wear his pajamas. Jacob had two very long solos and Lynnie got to be in the choir. They had a great time.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Micah drumming at the mall

Micah had his first drum circle performance at the mall. He did great. I have to wait for Jeff to figure out how to get a video to upload. :)