Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cell Phone Photos

I finally figured out how to get my cell phone pics onto my computer. Here is a small sampling from my camera over the last year. :)

Micah and Jacob at Upward Basketball February or March of 2008.

Jeff at Lynn's preschool being silly

My little Upward cheerleader last weekend

Goooooo Upward!!!!

I'm ready for surgery Mom! Last year getting his ear tubes out.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

Here are 25 random facts about me. I was tagged on facebook with this and I thought it was kind of fun.

1. I am the youngest of 6...the baby of the family.

2. One day when I was little I put my beloved kitty named Taffy in my little cloth suitcase and zipped it closed. Hours later when I returned I found a huge whole where Taffy had chewed himself out. I am happy now that kitty didn't suffocate. Kids do the meanest things sometimes.

3. I used to have a crush on Johny Gage from the show Emergency. How embarrasing. We played Emergency on an old rusty dump truck that was sitting in our yard.

4. One of my dear sisters was very creative and was the mastermind of many games. We spent hours playing "Yoga Yoga Flowers." She also made me pull her in a cart, clean our room because I was the slave and she was the master and make me close my eyes and taste different foods.

5. I was quite a tom boy growing up. No dolls and girly things for me. More like marble herds, lizards and a wonderful pair of bars in our yard that I swung on for hours.

6. I don't know how I survived childhood. I almost died climbing on cliffs many times. It was only the little bushes that I clung onto for dear life that saved me.

7. Yes, It was me who lit a fire and burned a big black spot on the green carpet in the upstairs hall! Knowing my parents would notice a giant black burn on the rug, I rolled it up and threw it away. It was an ugly carpet anyways! :)

8. One day on a family trip in Oregon I went around behind an old building to look at some cows. When I came back everyone was gone. It began to rain. The building was locked up and so I sat on a swing and waited over an hour for them to return.

9. One of my sisters and I had the privalege of finding a giant fake pink fingernail in our salad in a restaruant on a trip to see another sister in Oregon.

10. I was a band geek in high school and play the baritone. I spent many hours with my dear band friends in college. They are a unique set of people. :)

11. I spent a summer with the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps.

12. After my youth pastor dropped me off one day I ran up the driveway with mail in hand and tripped. I felt a crunch in my right arm. No one was home so I casually opened my mail and was pleased to note I had been accepted into an honor band. Then I called a neighbor and told her I thought I broke my arm. She took me to the hospital. It took a few hours to get ahold of my parents. The break was caused by a benign tumor in my radius so I had to have surgery to remove it.

13. One of my most embarrasing moments is being dropped off in a giant grey ugly navy bus at school in the bus loading zone in front of all the other kids. Yes the old bus was fun on trips but NOT for taking children to school in front of their peers.

14. My very creative sister had a great idea one day on how to make our hair lovely. She carefully beat some eggs and we both rubbed them through our hair. Time to rinse....No one told her you have to rinse with cold water. We got in a nice hot shower and discovered that eggs don't rinse out well in hot water. They cook. Gross....scrambled egg hair!

15. My roommate and I made a pully system complete with a little basket with the people in the room above us so we could send notes and items up and down. It was lots of fun.

16. I was arrested in Turkey for Christian Propagana.

17. I only dated for 2 months before I got engaged. We were married in 4 months! I wouldn't recommend that to my children.

18. I have the greatest mom in the world...and the greatest siblings in the world! I love my family...neices, nephews, cousin, sisters, brother, aunties and uncles... and will soon have a newgrand nephew. :)

19. One of my boys was 10lbs2oz. There was no anesthesiologist available so no epidural for me!

20. I have four amazing wonderful children...3 with red hair.

21. My oldest son Joshua with lovely brown curls died in a swimming accident when he was almost 11. I will never be the same again without him here on earth. My church family has been a huge help and support for my family... bringing meals, hugs and support. The day Joshua died I was in a car accident and spent hours in the ER. My pastor and his wife sat with me and helped with my living children while they stitched me up. I am so thankful they are caring wonderful people who serve our Lord Jesus.

22. I serve Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I look forward to the day I will join Him in Heaven and be reunited with Joshua and with my dear mother and my sister Tammy (and any other dear family who pass before me).

23. We have a little black pug named Midna after a Zelda character from a game my son Joshua loved.

24. I work for Care Net....A crisis pregnancy clinic....and am a nurse sonographer/nurse manager. I love to do ultrasounds on pregnant women. It is a great job.

25. I am starting a course in March to become an RDMS which stands for registered diagnostic medical sonographer.