Monday, March 24, 2008

Church Easter Egg hunt on Saturday 3/23

Today is the egg hunt hurrary hurray.
There is snow on the ground
But we're doing ok.
When they say we can start
we will run all over the place
hunting and searching
keeping up with the pace
We'll find each and every egg
we won't leave one behind
the cold doesn't bother us
we're the tuff kind
Did we say all the eggs?
Well, maybe not today
This snow is too freezing
And we have enough in our bags.
Chili cook off...
to the church we go
Eating and warming up
from the icey wet Easter snow


Kelly said...

Easter Treasure Hunts are always so much fun!!! I remember when we looked for eggs underneath the oak trees. Sometimes we would miss one or two and they would become stink bombs for Templeton the rat. Did you look for hardboiled eggs or treasure filled eggs? We had a treasure hunt indoors because it was raining. The kids didn't even get the fun of hunting, but they did get numbered eggs that corresponded to prizes in a huge treasure chest, so I think they didn't mind.
I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!!! Micah & Jacob look like they are having a blast! BBBRRRRR!!! What fun though, and the chili cookoff to warm up was a great idea!!!! Love & hugs to all of you :D

tsduff said...

Easter eggies
In the snow
Laying round
So go go go

Hard boiled eggs
Taste better warm
So hurry up
Inside we swarm

Glad to see
Those happy smiles
Easter hugs
Across the miles

love you all
Auntie Terry and George

Lissa Lane said...

wonderful pics AND poem!!

dandjschoch said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter. We had a small egg hunt for the kids. We had our Easter meal with the team and it was fun and lazy. I'm so jealous that you get to go visiting family this summer (lord willing!) I wish I could come. Love you all.