Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cell Phone Photos

I finally figured out how to get my cell phone pics onto my computer. Here is a small sampling from my camera over the last year. :)

Micah and Jacob at Upward Basketball February or March of 2008.

Jeff at Lynn's preschool being silly

My little Upward cheerleader last weekend

Goooooo Upward!!!!

I'm ready for surgery Mom! Last year getting his ear tubes out.


Susan said...

Great shots!!!

colleen said...

Your children are just beautiful...

BluegrassHoopster said...

God Bless your family.

tsduff said...

Those kids are my joy - even the big kid ;) Hope you are all keeping warm in the winter weather.

Love and Hugs

LovelyDemonChar said...

how cute, if i wasn't 15 i'd want kids like that

KELLY said...

Hi Sally, I haven't been to anyone's blog for ever so long, but I was missing everyone and took a minute away from work to glad I did! I just love your photos and all the "Random Things About You" that you wrote. Made me laugh because I can recall so many of them (not all of them though). I also liked your letter to President Obama.
I've been thinking about you guys and especially missing Joshua with you lately. Sorry I missed Jacob's birthday. I didn't forget it, just let it get by without doing anything :( Just don't know how life can get any busier, and then somehow it does!!! Caleb & Luke just finished Student Convention. Don't know if they won any awards yet, but they did well and are now enjoying a well deserved sleep in this morning after many work filled days.
How exciting about your diagnostic imaging class!!! Isaac is supposed to start his program in June! Hope to hear from you soon. Love you, Kelly :D