Monday, July 20, 2009

2 years

Two years have passed since you were here my boy
and most people have all "moved on."
not even a passing thought crosses their hearts and minds
to remember your essence and who you are.

But I have not forgotten you my son...
You memory floods my heart each day
I think of you and wonder how you would have changed
Who you would be now...the things you might say.

You would be a teen in two months
The big year...turning 13
I would probably be pulling out my hair
dealing with a teenage boy.

I know with my mind that you are safe in God's hands
But sometimes it is hard to know with my heart
I want to see you smile with my mortal eyes
and hear your voice and hold you tight.

God keep you my son
until the day
I am reunited with you
for all eternity


Susan said...

He knows and you precious is that.....and yes, someday!!!!!

Debra said...

What a great and wonderful day that will when we can be with those we love who have gone before us.

God Bless and comfort you and your family. Thoughts and prayers.

Amanda said...

How brave of your family to share your heartache with the world. It's so hard to be human sometimes, but can you imagine the reunion you will share? God Bless you and your family.

KELLY said...

Hi Jeff, Sal, and kiddos! I did not forget! Thought of you so much and had so many pictures go through my brain. I often do, but was especially sad for you guys missing your special guy.
Send me an email soon at my Yahoo address (since I'm not sure the address I have for you is correct). Hope you're all well. Love Always, Kelly :D