Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Rock Field

Adventure or burdon?
what do you see
When you look at these boulders
strewn before me
As kids, my sister and I
would have run to go climb them
perhaps we would have even
climbed down inside them
They look so fun and exciting back then
and when we were camping our cousins joined in
we created elaborate games inside our rock homes
and just layed back enjoying the giant stones
Now I am older and the rocks still look fun
I might even climb up on one and set in the sun
But to see so many blocking my path
can be very do the math
How can we ever make it from here to there
The end of the path blocked to me I fear
The path if it were smooth would bring me there fast
But these boulders look so daunting I don't know if I'll last
Perhaps the end of the path is not the prize
Perhaps its the journey...behind each rock a suprize
Why are we in such a hurry each day
to get to the end of the road right away
If we are willing to stop, explore and even pray
We might find God has more in store for us today
So slow down and take a look
inside each cranny and crook
You might be suprized at the strength that you gain
through life's little twists of joy and pain
Ups and Downs and even right under a stone
With God right beside you you're already home


Susan said...

Oh what a lesson in these words and the picture says 1000 words in itself. Thanks!!

dandjschoch said...

Cool picture, I would love to climb all over those rocks even now and my kids would be all over them. I have to say though, that they look much more appealing than the difficulties in my life. I know that we are "to count it joy" when we are faced with such trials, but sometimes all I can do is acknowlegde that God knows better than I do.

tsduff said...

Let's get to climbing!

That is my problem... I'd rather do the rocks and travel than do the reality of facing the real life problems...

~Hugs Sal - and I loved your poem.

KELLY said...

Oh yes! I still love to climb rocks, even if I'm a bit ungainly and have to go slower and use more care. So glad there are little mountain goat children to leap and take the hard jumps while we coach them from the experiences we know.
Love, Kelly :D