Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Burrito with legs?

Oh, Wait....its just Lynn trying to entertain herself in the ER.

Other ways of entertaining herself included touching everything she could find and being told to settle down a billion times, climbing up on the bed with her Daddy, peeking out the curtain at the ER staff and basically driving her Mommy crazy. The ER and hospital can get down right boring after awhile. The kids do love to have me park at the top of the hospital parking garage and race me to the bottom....I take the elevator and they run down the stairs. Now they are supposed to wait until the elevator door opens but NOOOOO they just take off running while I stand and wait for the elevator...I think they get all the way down before I even get in.

So why were we at the ER and subsequently a hospital room? Jeff was very sick with a bilatera pneumonia. Stubborn man didn't want to go in but after dragging him out to the car and driving him in I was very glad I did. His oxygen level was critically low (in the 70s when it is supposed to be in the 90s). He was admitted for almost a week needing oxygen and antibiotics, discharged, and then re-admitted for almost another week. Now thank goodness he is home and seems to be doing much better.

While in the hospital, the doctors did find something rather serious going on with Jeff. Upon further review of some of his symptoms the doctors did an MRI and discovered that Jeff has a 4mm pituitary microadenoma. The pituitary regulates most of the hormones including coritsol in the adrenal glands. There is a good possibility that he will need to have surgery to remove this adenoma in the near future. Anything that has to do with the brain is kind of scary. But wouldn't it be great if this was the reason he has felt so bad for so long and they were able to fix it? Keep Jeff in your prayers as he has more tests and we determine if he will need to have surgery.


Susan said...

There are no mistakes for us who belong to Christ. We will join you in praying.

tsduff said...

Sally, I was not aware of this complication with Jeff's hospitalization. Scary to say the least, but I know that doctors are quite skilled these days... and if as you say this might make Jeff feel better than he has for so many years past - it could be a blessing to have surgery. xoxoxo