Thursday, May 10, 2012

I like this article (even though I'm not Catholic).
The Lines Have Never Been More Clear

  I agree with most of what it says, especially with how our country is becoming more dependant on the government and becoming antagonistic to churches, traditions, family.  I have seen traditional values being attackted over and over again and few have the courage to say anything against these attacks.   I have seen multiple cartoons and quotes all over the internet bashing anyone who doesn't want to vote for the legal rights of homosexuals to get married.  I have felt the desire to comment back but was worried I might hurt my friends feelings or worse then that, be labled a "hater."  I have been effectively silenced by the "other side" because they talk louder and meaner then I do.

   I am a Christian.  I believe the Bible is God's truth for mankind.  Keep in mind that I believe all of us are sinners.  All of us fall short of the glory of God. I don't believe adultry is worse then lying is worse then same sex relationships is worse then me sitting on my behind watching tv or playing computer games when God has something else for me to be doing right now.  I know and love many people who I believe are choosing to continue in a form of sin.  I sin every day so I am no better then any of them. And Jesus loved us all enough to die for us...that is not is pure love.  But  I can't look at what I believe to be sin and call it right or even OK.  I can't look at a red kettle and call it white.  I can't vote for something I believe is against God's will.  I feel like today the unforgivable sin is to  "be a hater"  which really means having an opinion about what is morally right and wrong.  Today, people can say anything they want  unless it has to do with calling something sin.  To believe something is wrong is a sign you are mean and heartless.

 There are a lot of really nice people who love and care for others but don't agree that same sex relationships are Biblically acceptable.  They can't say what they believe because they will not just be disagreed with but mocked and verbally abused because of their beliefs.  They will be called haters.  The need for kindness and love even when we don't agree with people goes for both sides of any issue, but I have noticed it more from the people who want others to accept their lifestyles...their choices.  They want others to say their choices and desires are good.  They are hurt when people don't agree and lash out in anger and mean spirits.  We have the freedom to vote our beliefs...thats what is so awesome about this country.  But please don't slander and hate those who disagree and vote differnently then you. And please realize that just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I hate you.  In fact my Biblical world view allows me to love you and want the best for you in spite of the choices you make.  I just can't say something is right when God says its not.    


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Susan said...

AMEN & AMEN Sally!!! The time has come when we, who hold The Bible to be The Word of God, and believe in what it says and that Jesus the Christ died for our sins to stand up and boldly declare what is right. Jesus never defended himself and we do not have to either. We love the sinner, while hating the sin, so much that we are trying to sound the alarm. I agree, sin is sin, even if it's just stealing a pencil, and we must confess it, but Praise God 1 John 9:9 is still in effect. I pray for my precious country which certainly is not the country I knew when a young girl and woman.