Thursday, January 24, 2008

Puts a new spin on "bag lady"

Are these bag children? The sure look that way....wasted some of my trash bags they did.


tsduff said...

Cutest bag children I've ever seen :) (The bags look a bit drafty though). And those bags weren't wasted... I bet they got every ounce of fun possible out of them :)

Did our Dad help them cut the holes? Is he there? How is Jeff feeling? Are you all going to Laramie? YippeeKyeYieAye.... happy Friday!

dandjschoch said...

Micah, I dig the new gear. I wish I could have been there to help.
Hope all is well with you guys and that Jeff's surgery can go on as planned while you have help.
Say hello to Judy and Jon. I so wish I could have gone out and visited them. Maybe someday. Love you guys.

Kelly said...

Ahh! I was thinking of what I would say and thought I would say: "Those are the cutest "bag Children" I've ever seen, then the comments popped up and those were the exact words Terry wrote!! They're still the cutest bag children I've ever seen! And what a fun idea!!!! Not too expensive either (unless they used the whole box). I guess they wouldn't keep the rain off too well. That's what we used to use garbage bags for. Can't wait to see more pix!
Love you guys, Kelly :D
P.S. Now I just looked up at Julee's comment and she used the same closing words!!! Ah well, I guess we must be sisters or something, and don't great minds think alike? Ha ha!