Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hmmm....Isn't this supposed to be autum?

October...changing colors with falling leaves everywhere...
Harvest time with a crisp chill to the air
browns, oranges and beautiful reds
thoughts of Halloween candy filling our heads
What happened today? This doesn't seem right.
I look outside and all is bright white
Where did our autum go?
It all got covered up in snow.
If Joshua were here, he would be out trying to sled in the back yard (after a mad rush of trying to find snow suite, gloves, boots, and hat). :) He was always excited about the snow. Never mind that the snow needs to ice up before you can sled properely.
He would come in all wet and soggy ready for some hot chocolate after finding out you can't sled on soggy snow (again). Snow balls anyone? His memories are still fresh in our hearts. His excitement contagious even without his physical presence.


nikkicrumpet said...

oh no! That isn't autumn. I'm so sorry you got cheated out of the beautiful colors. I'm off to snoop around your blog and see what else you've been up to.

tsduff said...

SAL! I'm just catching after arriving via black box :) How fun. Your snow looks great! G commented today on a 40 acre ranch outside of Casper ... cheap. I'm still unemployed - the both of us have terrible colds and we are just wrapped up in the couch blankie sneezing and hacking.

Love to you and all of your snow bunnies :) xoxo

Kelly said...

How fun to wake up to snow, especially when it's so unexpected!!! I hope your Fall comes back for a little while though. Ours has been beautiful so far! We had our first frost last week and everything is quickly turning red and orange. Most leaves are still on the trees though since we haven't had a good rain or wind storm yet. Nothing new here except that we went to a magnificent wedding Friday night. I took four rolls of film but haven't developed them yet. They are honeymooning in Barcelona! Now wouldn't that be fabulous and romantic?!!!
I loved your earlier post about your job! So glad you have a job that is so rewarding and where you can make a difference. :D

mylitlbratz said...

My kids would have a blast!!!