Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bowl

Ahhhh....the Bowl

What could be a more fitting day to talk about a bowl then Super Bowl Sunday. However that isn't why I bring up the word "bowl." You see, this weekend our family has had to get aquainted with a different type of bowl. Other wise known as ... "the throw-up bowl." This is the bowl that prevents you from sitting by the ...

....all day long.

The ideal bowl will be large and plastic if possible so you aren't shocked by the cold glass on your face as you lay in misery.

The bowl should also have a large volume to prevent spills and be easy to wash. This wonderful invention has saved many linens, carpets, and even Mom herself from the indignities of being covered, well, you know.

My poor son Jacob is wondering why I would be so weird as to write about this topic. I really think that everybody can relate to the miseries of the stomach flu. All kids accounted for and hopefully safely over the stomache flu as of this morning. Now hopefully it won't be Mom and Dad's turn with "The Bowl!"


Susan said...

Yes, we relate except we've been known to grab, on the spur of the moment the plastic waste basket that sits by the toilet!!!!

Trust all are well now.

Messy Jess said...

We do the bowl too. It's saved a lot of laundry and cleaning. Have a super duper super bowl! Hope you feel better soon.

jeff@sally said...

Well, brief update ....Mom and Dad did unfortunately get a lovely turn with the "bowl." Thank goodness God made the stomach flu to last only 24 hours. It reminds us to be thankful for the health we do have. :)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oh dear, I do hope everyone is feeling better by now. You have some lovely family photos here.

CJ xx

tsduff said...

HI SALLY~ have missed you - what's up with you and yours? How's Jeff's foot? Hope you had a lovely Easter - Dad says he hasn't talked to you since Christmas. love xo

tsduff said...

Hi Sally - I'm missing you. Haven't heard the news for quite a long time now. Love and hugs from your big Sis. xoxo