Monday, February 1, 2010

Jacob...almost 10

What can I say about Jacob? A millenium baby. Born 2/8/2000. Jacob is funny and helpful, inquisitive, silly, and always wants to be in the limelite. He is a collecter of coins and strange facts. His imagination knows no bounds. Greggarious like a scrub jay....only his cap is red not blue. :)

J aunty
A cheiver
C urious
O bsessed with Hot Wings
B asketball player


dandjschoch said...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wonderful nephew!

C-ingspots said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!! Aquarians ROCK!!

tsduff said...

That cute mug is staring at me on the calendar picture from last year - Hi honey, looking forward to your big 10 birthday? Love and hugs from Auntie Terry and George xoxo

jeff@sally said...

We had the party today (Friday) even though it was early. :) Hot wings of course was the main course. We also saw Planet 51 which the kids enjoyed.

jeff@sally said...

Ahhh...poor Jacob got sick in the middle of the night with a stomach flu right after eating his beloved hot wings. Hope it doesn't ruin his favorite food for him.

Messy Jess said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!