Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Family Pic with Jeff

I haven't posted anything since Jeff passed away in July. I think I have been just wanting to run away and avoid thinking and feeling about it. Death is such a sad and hard thing to deal with. We miss those who leave our physical world and head into eternity before we do. Plus I still have to admit I'm a little peturbed at him for leaving us...his wife and three kids who love him and miss him. I don't think I have seen Jacob smile like he smiled in this picture since. It really is hard on the kids without their Daddy.

This is the last family picture we had all together with Jeff. Erik, Jeff's son, is also in the picture. Too bad Westley couldn't have been there also. Jeff's parents and brother Jimmy came out to visit because of Jeff's pnuemonia and I am so glad they did. They were able to see him again before his death. It had been a rough spring for Jeff with some bouts of severe pneumonia and he was still recovering from that in this picture. He did recover enough to come to Yellowstone in July with my family and we had great time.


Susan said...

You know my heart aches with and for you and your precious kids, Sally. I know the holidays will be hard this year but we much keep our eyes on Jesus. I know HE is our strength. ((hugs))

Ohio-Family said...
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Jim Heyer said...

I am so glad to have spent my last days with Jeff in July. We as brothers really boded. He took me around the city of Casper. I was amazed of how many friends he knew. One stood out that I will never forget. We went to a good will store. My intesion was to just shop. Jeff's intension was to find a bicycle wheel. I ? what was he needing a wheel for. Was answered when we drove up to an apartment comple. There was a man who was disabled and had no way of getting around. Jeff was puting together a bike for him which was in need of a front wheel. The bike was never finished. Jeff was a very carring person to anyone who crossed paths with him. He seemed to alwasys make friends no matter where he was. He sure did have a heart of gold. I miss him.

Humble wife said...

Hi Sally I came here from the prayer group on Facebook. I am Jen I keep my blog name anonymous so my first name will do. I am here to be a ear to listen even via the internet. I am here to cherish the memories that you share of your family and to even be here to allow you to run any emotion necessary.

I am so sorry for the heavy grief and emotional roller coaster you are on. I can only promise that through Him we are made strong. In our weakness He is more.

I pray for you and your family and am ever so sorry to meet you this way, but am so happy to be able to be a prayer warrior with you.