Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas trio

Our tree is up hurray hurray, three cuties sit nearbye.
Jacob Jeffrey, Lynn Marie, and Micah side bye side.

We are all missing Joshua for he should be here too
Sitting and smiling and making us laugh
instead we all feel kind of blue.

We have many more earthly years to celebrate our King
Each year brings us closer to the day we get to sing
in glorified bodies to Jesus with joy
side by side with Joshua our precious heavenly boy

Micah, Jacob and Lynnie. They are all so dear
I will focus my attentions on them at Christmastime this year
They are still here in earthly form, still needing their mothers love
While you my boy in Heaven, have all needs met from up above


tsduff said...

Your earthly angels make a beautiful choir - and I know Joshua will be singing with them - I will listen for his sweet voice.

Lovely tree - I love you guys. Sent your present this morning.

Kelly said...

Sally, thanks for sharing your expressive poems and letting us in on your feelings. I've been praying for you all especially during this season when all seems so joyous around you but is all overshadowed by your deep grief and aching for your missing Joshua. We are missing him with you and feeling some of your pain. Love you lots....

Kelly said...

P.S. Your Christmas cuties are adorable in their pj's around the tree! You are right to focus your attentions on them and on Jeff right now. :D