Sunday, December 16, 2007

Missing Joshua at Christmas

We were looking through Joshua's box and found this picture. He is so handsome. I hope he looks similar in his heavenly body because there really isn't much to improve (at least in our eartly minds). We are still waiting for the gravestone. The paper work had apparently been filed on in a pile of papers on a desk instead of being put away in the right place so it got left undone. They have the stone in but they have to do the engraving still. We miss him terribly. Going to the mall is hard. He would have loved all the Christmas hype and been excited to tell us what he wanted. I know he gets to spend Christmas with the birthday boy Himself but how I wish he could be here with us instead.


tsduff said...

I can feel that dull ache of grief for your handsome boy, as you go through the motions of Christmas with your family. I'm sorry the etching was overlooked on his gravestone - it would have been nice to have it up at Christmas. hugs and hugs to you all

Kelly said...

Sally, I have no words to express my grief and sorrow as you traverse this heavy time. Just sending lots of love and prayers and thoughts to all of you. Lots of hugs!

Lissa Lane said...

He looks so so beautiful and handsome in that picture! I'm sorry you are having issues with the gravestone. We're ordering Calypso's shortly after Christmas and I'm a bit afraid of them messing it up.

I love you sweetheart. Take care