Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kids having fun

Micah's new earring in honor of Joshua.

Jacob minus a couple of teeth.
The next pictures were out in the freezing cold!!! I couldn't stand it for more then a few minutes without gloves on. BRRRRRRRR. The kids had fun sledding.


Lissa Lane said...

That last picture is just adorable!!

tsduff said...

SALLY! I want them all! Is that the hill behind your house? Aren't there stickery cactus on that hill? Hmmmm... Did YOU slide down?? tee heee = love you all. Have fun :) Nice earring Micah.

dandjschoch said...

Micah, you look great. I like the haircut too. Matthew just had his hair cut off in the back. I think he got sick of the comments from the peanut gallery on his long hair. I left it long top though, so he can look like a young indiana jones. I miss you guys. Love auntie Julee