Friday, May 23, 2008

Wipe Out

Jacob had a wipe out on his scooter last Friday. He had 8 stitches in his lip and one of his front teeth pushed back up into the gum. The dentist is hoping the tooth will be ok and slowly drop back down. Poor guy.


tsduff said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like the cousins are experiencing the same thing across several oceans! Matthew did a faceplant and now has, according to his mother, a hamburger face. Poor kiddos!! But every young boy needs to grace his face with a scar, so that when he is older the girls will swoon. Way to go Jacob - nice and amazing stitches! I only had 6 stitches in my finger.

Kelly said...

Ooooooh Jacob, that looks owie!!!! Is that a knee with road rash in the second photo? At least you will be able to attribute your scar to fun and wild adventures when you grow older......Poor Isaac has a scar (albeit a little one) on his lip, but all he can say is that it was from his binky when he fell as a baby!!!! Nothing too brave and adventurous about that!!!! Hope you are feeling better now and that the scar will be minimal. Love & hugs, Auntie Kelly :D