Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Graduation Day for Erik!!!

Hurray!! Erik walked with his class last night at the graduation ceremony for Natrona County Highschool!!! I didn't get good pictures I am so sad. I couldn't find him as he was in the very back row so I took some pictures of a look alike farther in. :) We will have to get some good pics of him soon. :)
Above is the real Erik walking up to get his diploma!
Below is the Erik look alike-not the real Erik!


tsduff said...

CONGRATULATIONS ERIK!! Wow, that look alike really does look like you!! Don't feel bad Sal - today we went to hear Joe and Elli play in their alumni band, and when I saw Joe I didn't really think it was him because he had shaved his head really close :-O

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha! Congratulations Erik!!!!! and Sally, great job to find such a perfect Erik Look-a-like!!!!! Erik, did you know you had a twin at school? Surely you did because (at least in this photo), he looks just like you! You should have a photo taken together!!! What a great feeling to graduate! We wish you every success. What are your plans now? Are you coming along on the summer trip out this way? You should you know! It will be great fun! We can't wait to see everyone! Well, have a wonderful, relaxing summer......NO HOMEWORK!!!! HOORAY!!!! :D