Friday, August 22, 2008

On To Kelly's

Luke, Kelly, and Caleb

Next we drove down to Kelly's house in Oregon. It was good to see my sister and her boys. :) We were sad we didn't get to see much of Isaac or Terry because of their very busy schedules.

Jacob spinning around at the park

Lynnie and Caleb

Micah, Jacob, and Luke

Three cuties by the Columbia River

Yeah! We got to pick Jeff up in Portland so he was able to join us on our trip.


tsduff said...

I forget how truly beautiful it is at Kelly's. It would have been fun to join you up there. I'm so glad you were able to make the trip, and that Jeff made it too!

Kelly said...

Sally, I'm so glad your pix turned out! I love the photo I have of you on my camera, but it's dark and nothing I can do will lighten it. Don't know what happened. Boohoo! Mine was very similar to yours though. Maybe I can get a copy of yours into my computer. I'll try to copy it from your blog. By the way, can you download photos from your mysapce album? Some of yours are great, and I would love to have them!!!
I know our time was short, but I'm so glad we had you even for the short little while. I will treasure our memories and the photos!!!! Did you get the ones I sent in an email?