Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wonderful Dale and Richard!

We enjoyed our stay with my Aunt Dale and Uncle Richard. They have a beautiful place up on San Jaun Island in Washington State. Dale was a trooper and had a big smile even while recovering from a surgery. The kids enjoyed finding crabs and and little sea creatures along the beach during low tide. Jacob was impressed that we could see Canada across the water. I wish we could have stayed longer. We love you Dale and Richard. :)

Richard and Dale


Me and the kids.

We could not get the kids to take a regular picture so Richard joined right in on the fun.


dandjschoch said...

I love all your pictures. So glad you were able to get up to see Dale and Richard. We really enjoyed being with them, though I know we were a bit of a burden.
Great memories for the kids.

Kelly said...

I've been checking daily and never found any new blog entries and then all of a sudden, I come back from the weekend and there they all are with wonderful photos of wonderful kids and Mom! I can't wait for the next installment which will hopefully include Jeff too. I got my roll of film back and there's a very good one of all of you, but for some reason it's dark!!! I'm hoping to get on the computer and lighten it, then I will send you an email of it. I hope it works. There was no reason for it to be dark.
So glad you are all home safely! Missing you, Love, Kelly :D

tsduff said...

There is no place like Friday Harbor with our Dale and Richard :) Lovely pictures - they make me smile. I can't wait to go back there again.