Friday, November 7, 2008

What is Important?

Anger, bitterness, sorrow....victory, spite, and haughtiness. It seems that the election has left emotional divisions and downright mean hearted speech and actions throughout the country. What is so important about rubbing it in? About putting others down? Whether you believe there is no God and we need to have tolerance for all or if you believe in God with unmerited love for all, even "sinners," there should be no reason for the maligning and hurtful words towards anyone who believes differently from you. We all agree we are supposed to love one another. And yet it seems that both sides are struggling to love anyone who doesn't think like they do. Loving doesn't mean agreeing with. It doesn't mean saying it is OK. We get to vote so we can try to influence the country into what we want it to be. We get to say our mind about the ideals we hold dear. Can we not speak our truth with love and respect for each other? With a caring heart. Without lies and twisted truths? While the country is plunged into hurtful actions and speech, life continues. Babies are born and people die. Pets die. People struggle with finances and sickness. What is truly important? I was visiting my son's cross last weekend and remembered his little hamster we buried in July. Remembered releasing balloons in memory of my son who died in the creek below. What is important? Not wasting my energy hating those who voted differently...that is for sure. Truth without love in nothing but a noisy gong, a clanging cymbal. What is important to me? Each person created as a masterpiece by our Creator. My faith, my integrity, my eternal reunion with my Lord and with my son.

Even silly little Hamsters. :)

I wrote about little hammy after we buried him in July. He died a few days shy of the one year anniversary of my son Joshua's death. My son Micah took special care of the little hamster in honor of his big brother. Here are some pictures of Hammy's burial. We buried the little guy on July 20th, 2008 and released balloons in honor of Joshua exactly one year from the day we lost him from our presence here on earth.

We gently laid little Hammy in an "I can't believe its not butter" coffin on some soft tissue and added some flowers and some fox tails. I am sorry to admit that I found humor in the I can't believe its not butter container. No it really isn't butter inside. Strange the thoughts that go through one's head.

We buried Hammy next to the Joshua's cross right above the little creek Joshua died in. It is funny how much comfort that small act of a burial near Joshua's cross can bring.

Remember people are hurting and living each day the best they can. Everyday trials are made bearable by the loving caring support of friends and family. Don't forget what is important in this life. Don't forget to love each other.


Amanda said...

We're on the same wavelength tonight.. Something someone shared with me tonight I want to pass on..." If we're all alone in something, we can rest assured we're all in that together too...", God Bless...

tsduff said...

Sally, that is a very passionate post. I'm not sure I understand where the unhappiness is coming from (regarding the election) - although I do understand that people become very intent upon voicing their own opinions. I had a big discussion with Dad and Bev about the new President-Elect Obama, and was so surprised to hear some of their ideas and concerns regarding his election. I suppose we all live in our little worlds of belief, dictated largely by the input we get. I was surprised at the way they felt that I was biased in the same way I preceived they were biased toward their own opinions. We watch different news stations, receive different views from different leaders and friends; and it all computes differently. I have not run into many folks who put others down because of their differences in voting... I believe people are entitled to their own opinions but that doesn't excuse mean and derisive behavior. I have great hope for the future of our country under the new President that there will be peace, more stability in the economic sector and a more united nation of people.

Wishing you hugs across the miles - for Hammy, for your great loss of Joshua, and for the heavy burden of grief you still carry every day. xoxo

The Muse said...

If I could I would hold your hand, I would pray with you and let you know that this worldly pain will one day pass away. And yes, you will feel the joy once more in ALL it's glory.
Please know you are not alone :)

sister celtic said...

Sally sniffle sniffle but the one thing about Hammy was I'm sure he was the hieght of entertainment for the entire family and to sort of see the humor in the I can't believe it's not butter just cracks me up... I have the weirdest sense of humor and that is right down my alley... When our 20 yr. old cat (PUPPY) passed she was put to sleep on Cinco De Mayo and gloriously wrapped in a free bandana from the Liquor Store of Jose Curevo Cinco De Mayo... Hey it worked just fine...Thanks for the great idea's I know your mom Lynn would of gotten a big smile with this post..