Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yeah for Micah

Micah is the man! He tried out for the Casper Childrens Choral and was accepted. Whoo hoo! He and Joshua both tried out last year and didn't make it so he is excited. The group toured to New York City last year. This year? Who knows.


tsduff said...

MICAH!!! I knew I had some talented musicians out there in Wyoming :D

I'm so excited for you - when I was in eight grade I won the prestigious award for TOP ALTO singer in chorous. I know you'll get to travel with your group - how fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

PS - Were you cold in that picture??

Kelly said...

Oh, I am SO BEHIND on all the news since I've been SO BUSY and not able to check in on your blog!
MICAH, That is fantastic news that you were accepted into the Chorale! Sing your heart out buddy and have a blast!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! Love, Auntie Kelly :D

Candis Lane said...

Hi, Micah,

I want to congratulate you on for your acceptance to the Casper Children's Choral - way to go! I know Randy will be excited for you too! God made you special - sing for Him...Candy Lane

PS - give Lynn a big hug for me today - ok?