Friday, September 26, 2008

Bye Bye Hammy

Little hamster soft and sweet

very fuzzy and loves too eat

squeaking running wheel at night

after we turn off the light

You were Joshua's before you were mine

on the finest hamster food you did dine

Hammy was your given name

and now nothing will be the same

To find you dying and struggling to breathe

was a fact we just couldn't conceive

We held you close and said our goodbyes

wishing you didn't have to die

Good bye little hamster, good bye sweet pet

In your grave at Joshua's cross now do you set

May your little spirit soar right up above

And find our big brother Josh and give him our love


Coloradolady said...

I am visiting through the black box. I was so sad to read about your losses. Such a young boy and his pet. Please know I will not soon forget the story of Joshua. My prayers were sent your way. Peace.

LadyBanana said...

Thank you for finding my blog and commenting.

I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear son Joshua. There can be nothing worse in life than the loss of a child..

Also sad to hear the loss of your hamster, they are such sweet little pets, we had 2 of them when my children were young..

Posh Totty said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son I can not even begin to imagaine how you feel.

I am also sorry to hear of the loss of your hamster, my sons hamster died at the beginning of this year.

I found your blog by the black box and Im pleased I did

jeff@sally said...

Coloradolady: Thank you for stopping by. I loved the horned toads on you blog. :)

Ladybanana: Such an interesting name. I do love your kitty. She is darling. Thank you for you kind comments.

Poshtotty: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. So sorry to hear of your son's hamster loss as well. It is sad when our children lose someone or something they love. It is hard to know how to help them cope with loss and death of even a little pet hamster.

DesertHen said...

I arrived here through the Black Box. I am so sorry for your loss.....Your son sounded like a very special youg man.

So sorry about Hammy. Hamsters are such cute little pets. I had one when I was around the age of 10. His name was Patrick and he lived for five years, which is a long life for a hamster.

Blessings and Beautiful Days to you and your family.........

jeff@sally said...

Deserthen: I believe each child is a special and wonderful creation. I am lucky to have had him for the almost 11 years I got to be his Mom.

5 years is a long time for a hamster. :)