Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Day

Grey and cold. Dark and wet. I sit here at the computer with my steaming Good Earth chai in hand and wonder why all the energy has been sapped right out of me today. Apathy. Why do I not feel like the woman below?

This woman is out in the rain delighting in the experience of each drop falling apon her. Are we just victims to the whims of our emotions or can we somehow through shear willpower change ourselves into this happy joyful woman savoring the rain? Ahhh but here is the trouble. I have not the desire or energy to fight the clouds some days. Perhaps the rain and the cloudy skys will water my soul and allow new growth tomorrow. Perhaps it is these dark dreary days that our Lord uses to water our dry heart and our parched souls. May His Holy Spirit fill us with the joy and renewed energy to face the day with excitement and purpose. May we dance for joy as God rains His Spirit upon us.


tsduff said...

I can relate to your post. Lovely pictures - but I too am lame and lathargic today. Will I be able to find a job before all my money pours down the bottomless black hole? How can I face the job hunt - want ads and resume circulating? The thought of working at another corporate job just makes me cringe away in horror. So I just sit here, dull, yawning and mopey. waaaahhhhh

You had nice words to go along with your pictures. Thank you for the encouragement.

Kelly said...

Sally, you've been on my heart lately, knowing it is September, Joshua's birthday month. Sometimes it is just too much effort to think, plan, and appear happy. I can understand the apathy and lack of energy. Thankfully, it doesn't descend upon us every day, but when it does, it seems like there will be no end. I liked the hopefulness in your soulsearching. Yes, God is so good to water our soul through his spirit.
Happy Birthday to you to.....I thought of you so many times and had every good intention of emailing you or calling you.....shame on me for letting the day (now days) slip by without sending you my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful day and better year!!!
Love you lots, Kelly :D