Sunday, September 28, 2008

San Francisco trolly

After riding on BART into San Fran with the kids we excitedly purchased tickets for a trolly ride down to Fisherman's Warf. I had memories from my childhood filling my brain of fun and excitement. Ok....we had to wait in a huge line to buy the tickets. "Mom? Why are those people laying on the sidewalk?" How do I explain homelessness to my young children? 30 minutes later we finally had our tickets to ride the trolly. Wait, where does the line start? Way down there?! Oh dear. 45 minutes later we neared the front of the line. Everyone get on! Squish....smoosh....owe! Did we get everyone? I thought we were supposed to be having fun.
Watching the trolly turn around at the end of the line
Jacob....not so sure about this squishy trolly thing

Lynnie just going with the flow

Micah....this is kind of fun for a few minutes

We finally get off at the end of the line down at Fishermans Warf. Brrrrr. I noticed the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. "Mom...I forgot my coat." I hear the beginning of the complaining choruses. I donate my warm sweater to the cause of freezing children. Now I am freezing and exhausted and we just now arrived at our destination. Crowds of people swarm every direction. "I Want to go home," come the cries from the children. Far off across the bay we see Alcatraz. My husband has always dreamed of seeing it. Hurray! We saw it...lets go home. We saw the seals too at Pier 39. Then we waited for another 45 minutes to catch a bus back to the place we could catch the BART.


San Francisco....all my good and fun memories from my childhood didn't work out as I thought. My oldest living boy said it was scary and he never wanted to go back. Too crowded and cold with homeless people laying around. A little like a prison? Thank goodness we live in the open space of Wyoming. Ahhhhh.....and think of the memories the kids will have from the experience.


SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Its funny because it takes so much time and effort when planning a trip. And five minutes for the kids to get board and want to leave.

I was like that as a child. My mother reminds me. But all I took from those trips was how wonderful they were.

Our work as Moms is never done!!!!!

whitney rodriguez:) said...

the black box brought me here:)
im so sorry about your loss.

rebeckajane said...

I found your journal through "black box"..I am sorry for the loss of your son, I understand it, I lost my son to a drugged up speeding driver who drove onto the footpath he and his friend were walking on almost 8 months ago.

I wish you all the best.

jeff@sally said...

Domestic Diva: Family trips are funny that way. I have all sorts of memories from my childhood and somehow I wouldn't be the same without them even though I don't know how my poor parents surived them. :)

Whitney: Thank you for stopping by and for your kind thoughts. :)

Rebekajane: I am so sorry you walk this same path of grief that I walk. I continue to put one foot in front of the other for my living children and for my God with the hope of seeing my boy again in Heaven. Blessing,


Shirley said...

When we were kids, my folks took us to California at Christmas time (from Montana). I have such fond memories of riding the trolley down the *steep* streets in San Francisco and going to Disneyland in the rain.

I took MY kids to San Francisco a few years ago and had exactly the same experience as you -- homeless people sleeping off a drunk on the sidewalk; horribly long lines; taking so long to get to the wharf, it was time to head back again before we'd seen anything.

I wonder what memories OUR kids will try to re-create for THEIR kids?!

P.S. A black box found your blog for me. I'm glad to meet you.

jeff@sally said...

Shirely: I am glad you stopped by. I am a nurse and see that you are studying to be a nurse. :) Keep up the hard work. My brother lives in Grass Valley. Maybe I will make it out there sometime.