Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off to Terry's house

Jacob and Scott in Terry's kitchen

What was the best part of our trip you want to know...
spending time with family and letting relationships grow

Off to Terry's we did drive
though it took many an hour
for us to arrive.

Aunti Terry, Uncle Scott,
many cousins too...
Young Hunter, Cody, and Sierra,
are some we must include...
Cousins Hannah, Becky, and Joe of course
We couldn't do without them...
And Misty, Brian, and Beryl too
How glad we were to see you


Hunter with Jacob and Micah

Hunter, Jacob, and Cody

The girls...Lynnie and Sierra

Joe and Lynnie


CSG said...

Now I see what you meant about children. What a great family you have!

Kelly said...

Great to see you're blogging again! Have been waiting for these photos for awhile. Thinking about you and wondering how your day to day is going. There are some major "earthquakes" going on at work here, but think we will weather them okay. Lots of upheaval for awhile.
We miss all of you and I love your photos as always. How are the kids settling down to school this year? Hugs to all of you, Love, Kelly :D

jeff@sally said...

CSG: Thank you for stopping by. :)

Kelly: I hope those earthquakes quite down quickly and without damage. The kids are doing well so far in school. The grades have slipped a little from last year (some B's) but I am not too worried about that. 92% is a B now! They are still A's in my book. They are getting their homework done and living life. Participating in activities. :) Hugs to you and your boys.