Thursday, November 8, 2007

I found this picture going through some more of joshua's stuff. it was the day I took him home. It was still very hot that day. We were only in a two bedroom condo then. We had his room all decked out in blue. I remember Sally had a little monitor in his room even though we were right across the hall. It seem's like it was just yesterday. its been over three months now and i still feel like a basket case. Will it ever get any better.


Kelly said...

Yes, Jeff, it WILL get better, but it will NEVER go away. Mostly you wouldn't want it to go away because the memories are too precious, but I know there are times when the ache is so deep and wrenching that it would be nice to take a break. Although I know our understanding is so limited as to what you are truly going through, our love and heartfelt compassion and prayers are with you. We love you guys. :D

tsduff said...

I clicked on the picture to blow it up... I remember that condo and coming to visit you there in Laughlin. It really is amazing to imagine how many years ago it was, when Josh was born.

When I was grieving Bernards death, I remember thinking at one point that I didn't want to stop feeling so sad, because I somehow felt closer to him when I was crying than not. I didn't want the pain to stop or it seemed like he would be further away. Kind of hard to explain. Yes, as Kelly said it will get better, less intense, but never far from your heart. What a cute picture of itty bitty Josh, and young Jeff!