Friday, November 9, 2007

My Christmas Quartet

I think this is a repost but they all looked so happy together in this pic and we will never get to see all 4 together again until eternity. It is such a bitterweet memory because this Christmas won't be the same. My 4 musketeers have become three.
I had a great time in Billings. DeAnn and Jim were great hosts and I enjoyed staying at their home. I even got to see wild turkeys. :) I finished up my ultrasound training and will get to start doing ultrasounds at work this week. That will be exciting. I can't imagine getting tired of seeing those little tiny babies. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Kelly said...

Sally, so glad you're home safe and sound with your family again! I LOVE this photo! Yes, they are all SO HAPPY and SO PRECIOUS!!! I'm sure all your holidays will be bittersweet as you remember your missing mousketeer. How wonderful that you were able to stay in a home during your training in Billings, and also how wonderful that you get to start doing ultrasounds at work!!! Babies are such awesome miracles revealing God's handiwork to the whole world! Did I tell you that our Pregnancy Crisis Center here in McMinnville is also a Carenet Member? I was glad to see that. Have a great day. Thinking of you guys and missing you all. Love, Kelly :D