Sunday, November 4, 2007

More fall pics

Micah's Pumkin It was extremely hard to carve!

Jacob's pumkin. Much softer and easier it carve. :)

I wish we took some pics at our fall festival with the kids in their costumes but we didn't have the camera. :( They all had a fun time.
I am off to Billings, Montana for the week to finish my untrasound training so I can start doing scans here in Casper. :) Pray for the family while I am gone and for me for safe travel. I tend to get really sad while driving alone in the car. I just start thinking about Joshua and wishing for him to be here with me. Hopefully this drive will be a little better. I love you all. :)


Kelly said...

Sal, hope your drive to Billings went well, and Jeff, hope you and the kiddos are coping without your #1 Fan. Hopefully this will be the last training session for a very long time so you won't have to undergo the separations anymore. The pumpkins are great guys, and Lynnie is as cute as ever with her two little "punkins". You've all been on my mind and I'm praying for you. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Love, Kelly :D

tsduff said...

Hey Sal - hope the drive was healing as well... I did the lions share of all my crying and grieving in my car.

How is the training? What do you do - learn how to operate the scanning machines? Hope the week flies by and you are home with all your loved ones soon.

tsduff said...

I do so love Micah's pumpkin... even though it was so hard to carve. Your family takes the cake with the autumn colors :)