Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Westley and Lynn

Lynn and Westley the day of Joshua's funeral.

Westley is Jeff's son from Phoenix, AZ. His mom was so good to drive him all the way up for Joshua's funeral. Lynnie just attatched herself to Westley right away as soon as he arrived and the poor guy could hardly escape her. We are so glad you were able to come Westley!


Kelly said...

Good Post Sally! It's good to see Westley again (even if it is a photo taken when we were there). We don't hear much from the Phoenix folks; in fact, we don't hear enough from the Casper folks either! I guess we'll just never get enough of you guys!!! What are your Thanksgiving plans? I'm sure that will be a bittersweet day for you guys. We send our love and constant prayers. :D

tsduff said...

What a sad day, captured there. No words.