Friday, April 4, 2008

common denominator

What is the common denominator in these pictures?
Terry and Lynn

Kelly and Lynn

Cousin Joe and Lynn

Joshua, Jacob and Lynn

Micah and Lynn

Daddy and Lynn

Lynnie!!! She loves to snuggle and hug and visit. She is always with people and made her way around to all the relatives that came for Joshua's funeral. My Mom, Lynn, was also a people person. The names means a babbling brook or creek. I think of her as a little stream that is always fresh and full of life... sparkling and cheerful. But beware when the storms come... you might not want to get in her way. :)


tsduff said...

Our Lynns are so precious - both of them. Your post is wonderful - encapsulating our family with our little babbling brook streaming through :) Well done. I came across a picture of you and the kids which I'm putting in the mail today.

Lovelovelove you all

Kelly said...

Sally, what a wonderful post!!!! Lynn's name suits her perfectly!!!
And of course I loved all the photos as I always do!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much we're looking forward to this summer's visit!!! I hope it really comes to fruition! I was looking at the last "all family" photograph we took at Terry's when Joe & Elli got married. I was looking for Josh, and then saw Isaac holding Micah! (at least I think it was Micah, I didn't have my glasses on....ha ha). Anyways, I love that picture and look forward to lots more photos of all of us soon. :D Love & Hugs, Me

tsduff said...

I come here just to see the piccies again. They are great.