Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy weekend to everyone

Jeff has updated the flowers at the grave site. This will probably be the last time before we get our head stone in. When we checked last week the stone was in process. They had the template on the stone ready to carve it. :) Soon we should be able to share the finished product.

Below are pics of the kids and Midna. :) They drug their entire bedrooms down last night. Bedding and stuffed animals filled the whole living room. This morning I had to catch a pic or two. :)


micah said...

did my face really look like that?

tsduff said...

:) Micah - your face is cute as a button, just like Lynnie and Jacob. We are looking forward to seeing all your faces in August!

Sally - great pictures :) Kidlets in the livingroom... what fun.

The grass in the cemetary looks still asleep after winter. Josh's grave looks pretty with the bright colors.

Kelly said...

Sally, I know I'm so late to write, but it was a busy week last week and I just couldn't seem to find time to think! I do so love these photos of your kids, especially the first one!!!! Lynnie will probably not like some of these later on in life, but they are so precious! I look forward to taking my own photos of them when we see you this summer!!! Are you bringing Midna with you? She's welcome at our house! :D I am so glad for you that Joshua's headstone should soon be finished! What a long awaited, bittersweet moment it will be when you see it set in place! Praying for you on that one. But I know it will be so nice! Jeff, the flowers look great for now. Won't you still keep flowers or something there when the headstone is in place?
Back to work for me. Love you, Kelly :D