Friday, April 18, 2008

Yesterdays pics

Micah at his recorder concert.

Jacob the pole dancer

Lynnie up high on a school mail box....right before she fell :(


tsduff said...

Cute as buttons
Are all three
Micah the eldest
Jacob, Lynneeeeee

I'm truly blessed to be
An Auntie to the darlings three
And also of the one not here
I miss still our Joshua dear

Still lingering on
Are sparkling souls
Each one different
Seperate roles

Sal your piccies
Are the the best
Can't wait to see them
All the rest!

tsduff said...

PS: Is that a flagpole? Tee hee - nice leg shot Lynnie.

Micah - I see the recorder tradition is going strong. You are lucky the music gene was passed to you from our lineage. Grandpa Donn and Grandma Lynn played recorders together many times when I was young - it is a beautiful instrument.

I took a free harp lesson today - it was fabulous!

Kelly said...

Wonderful, huggable nephews and niece!!!!! I simply can't get enough of your awesome photos. Put one in of you & Jeff sometime too :D So sorry that Lynn fell off the mailbox :( The photo is priceless though! I see a little Robinson/Ingram resemblance in that one, and Jacob reminds me very slightly of Michael Link! I guess it's the red hair, freckles, and smiling, toothless grin!!!! Micah, glad to see you are being so diligent in your music!!! Keep up the good work. Terry, how fun to have a harp lesson on Mom's birthday. I sure missed her this weekend!!!! We went to see the tulip fields in the hail, snow, and rain!!! BRRRR! But it was still lovely! Have a great week!!!
Love, Kelly :D