Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Easter Egg Dying

Silly Hula Jacob


Kelly said...

Hooray hooray! More photos!!!! Always love to see those wonderful kiddos (and enjoyed to see Erik in the background too). How are things in Casper? The weather is kooky here, freezing one day and warm the next. They say we might have snow this weekend!!!!
ha ha ha Jacob! Way to do the Hula! Maybe they'll show that shot at your graduation! I remember playing in grass skirts lots of times. I never was very good at the hula though. Still dreaming about your summer trip. Are the dates still the same? Love and hugs to all of you, Kelly :D

tsduff said...

I learned how to hula in Hawaii - one lesson at a luau :D I wasn't wearing a hula skirt though - just a long dress. Jacob you look maaaavalous...

I didn't get to dye any Easter eggs in Chicago this Easter - we spent the evening having dinner with a Jewish family.

Nice to see such color everywhere in your pictures!

dandjschoch said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you all had a great time. We didn't even dye eggs this year...'my Bad! I remember mom would make us baskets, or bowls or something with fake grass and candy. I especially loved the fudge filled, chocolate covered See's candy eggs. We did gather with our team and have a "family" dinner. I missed you all. There was no lamb (barbicued or in a crust) no bree, no chocolate mossue or patte. Ah well. I love you.


jeff@sally said...

All the dates should still be the same for our trip at this point. I will let everyone know more as we get closer. :)


We did have fun however red dye spilled all of the carpet and I was not a very nice mommy at that time. On Easter I did splurge...first time in many years...and bought a leg of lamb. It was sooooo yummy stuffed with garlic and dredged with flour and salt and pepper and garlic powder. We are running out of our reserve money and must stop spending on the yummy extras again. Boo hoo. We have to save enough for our trip this summer. :)