Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So peaceful and right in the shade from a little maple tree. Poor Josh would have been bored if he had to come visit for long. He wasn't a rest in peace kind of guy. We think his tombstone will say, "On to his greatest adventure" because he really loved excitement and adventure. What could be a greater adventure then Heaven?

We just got this temporary marker in yesterday. Hoffman Memorials gave us this engraved stone for free while we wait for his headstone. Looking at the dates makes me sad. Almost 11 years. His birthday comes up next month and I know it will be a hard day to get through without the guest of honor.


Kelly said...

Oh Sal, seeing the dates and stone makes me sad too, but at the same time I am so glad to see how nice the grave site looks! The grass has healed up so nicely and those little solar lights are beautiful! What a very cool idea! I can picture them glowing in the early evening..... And how great that the Hoffman folks gave such a nice stone while you wait for the Headstone. Maybe you can take that stone home when the real one comes. Does that take a very long time? Did you have enough in the memorial fund to help cover the expense? I pray "yes". Thinking of you today, Love, Kelly :^)

Dave & Julee said...

It looks nice. I'm glad they got the tuff put in. Have you decided on the Zelda picture?

jeff@sally said...

We are going to have the Zelda picture on the headstone and the writing, On to his greatest adventure. It probably won't go into until late October at the earliest.