Thursday, August 16, 2007


Squishy little black pug
just look at that funny mug
big bulging dark eyes
makes funny sounding sighs

Joshua loved this little pug. He named her Midna after his favorite game Zelda Twilight Princess which Midna later chewed to bits. She was a very naughty dog that day and got in lots of trouble. Josh eventually forgave her. She will be one in Septemember.


tsduff said...

Awe - what a funny poem for a cute and funny little doggy. I've never seen a black pug dog, and Midna really is BLACK! I'm glad Micah, Jacob and Lynnie are all around to give her love. :) She's a sweetie.

sister celtic said...

Hi Sally & family, not sure if you remember George & myself from Monte Nido our friend from Malibu Pres remembers you when you were a nurse Debbie B pastors secretery Dave Worth... Anyway I think this is awesome in Joshua's memory and the poem was the Holy Sprit speaking to all of us. My ministry has broadened to parents of Christians who have had their children leave to be with Jesus. There are no words but we cry with you and know one day we will smile again and remember all the good times as nobody has tomarrow. with the exception of entering our eternal abode. Live like this is the only day you have and pray. Your poem just broke me to nothing and you are very gifted at writing as all of Lynn's kids are. Sally I will keep in touch and have added you to my favorites. you have the most awesome family. We send our love and hugs and think all your kids are special and gorgeous. our babies grew up with Becky and Hannah... those were the days. Please keep writing you will touch so many in Joshua's memory. Amen!

jeff@sally said...

Terry: Midna was in trouble just this morning getting into trash. Oh she drives us crazy. And she misses all of the attention millions of family visiting and giving her love. She is a funny dog.

Celtic Sister: Thank you for your kind comments. I will have to ask Terry to help me put a face to the name. :) And yes my family is the greatest. :) Joshua's death is one of the worst things I could ever imagine and I still struggle with believing it is true. And yet having faith that God knows what he is doing and it is for the good of those who believe pushes me to strive more to reach those who dont know Jesus. Especially his young friends that don't know the Lord. :) Wouldnt it be worth it if his death allowed them to be with him for all eternity?

Kelly said...

Yes, Sally, it will be wonderful some day to know just how God is fitting all of this together. Although right now we can only see in the glass darkly, some day, it will be made clear and we will marvel at just how good God's plan is; a plan we never could have engineered or even imagined; a plan we never would have dared to put into action but which will be far more beneficial than anything we could have come up with. Love you, Kelly
P.S. I have been praying for those young friends.