Monday, August 20, 2007


Four of us girls
Not quite the same
Each with our own special traits.

Can you tell we are sisters?
Just by our looks
with our God given DNA?

Raised with love
by our mother so dear
Our mannerisms, many alike

Traditions and customs
feel safe and secure
When your own dear family is nearbye.

And I couldn't leave out my dear brother Scott who worked so hard to help us get organized and answer phones for us in the days following Joshua's death. He is the one in the red cap. Thank you Scotty. We love you.

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tsduff said...

Okay Sal, I like your blog as much as I like mine!!! I love this picture of the sisters - can't you see the empty spot where Tam should be?

And Scotty at his best... in his artist cap. He was wearing that when we all went to San Francisco on our Sister's Outing, and he was the "guest" LOL

I love your poems. You write as simply and beautifully as Mom.