Saturday, August 18, 2007

Joshua Leigh Heyer

2006-2007 school pictures (4th grade)
He said he was in 5th grade as soon as summer started.

We love you Joshua. Not a day goes by that I don't wish you were here with me. Every place I go brings a longing for you to be with us on our outing. Every place I look brings thoughts of you... your hopes, dreams,ambitions and memories of the past. Looking through your school papers makes me cry. You were a good writer. Grandma Lynn would have been proud...IS proud...I guess she is telling you that right now in eternity. Here are two of the poems you wrote for school...

Name Poem
Jump roping is one of my favorite things to do.
Oldest child in the family
Spaghetti is one of my favorite foods.
Hazel is the color of my eyes.
Unique describes that there is only one of me.
Active is what I like to be.

Things I like to Do
Ride my bike in the evening.
Play basketball before the sun goes down.
Ride my scooter to school and back.
Play on the swings at recess time.
Hike behind my house in the prairie after school and on the weekends.
Play my video game Zelda before dinner
Read the science fiction books Goosebumps before I go to bed.


tsduff said...

God, I miss him. Sal and Jeff, I'm just paralyzed with this post.

I'm so sad he is gone - I miss him

I'm so sad I can't tell him HI on the email..

I'm streaming tears knowing he can't hear my praise of his poems.

I miss him so much.

Did you know my eyes are hazel too?

Kelly said...

Sal, What a great photo of Joshua, and I absolutely love his poems! It helps me get to know him a little better. How do you print just one post or something from a blog? I'd like to take home a few pages for the boys to see. Love you, Kelly

Kelly said...

P.S. I think most of us have hazel eyes. ;^D

jeff@sally said...

Terry, Thank you for calling the other night. :) It was good to hear your voice and know that you share some of my grief. (Sad for you though :)) Lynnie picked out a small picture frame with this same photo of Joshua and she takes it everywhere with her. Life will never be the same again ever without Josh. :( Love you :)

Kelly I love his poems and his writing. He was straight A in his all his language arts. He changed a little since those were from 3rd grade. His favorite things were probably swimming with friends and going on adventures hiking and riding his bike. I don't know about copying one line here and there. Maybe right click and try to copy. Then paste in a document on the computer and print it out. I love you.