Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All snuggled up

The weather seems to be changing. It was really cold the last few days!
I see that some sweety-pies have found a way to stay warm in a chair the neighbors were giving away. :)

Midna was very naughty and chewed up one of the disks from our camera yesterday!!! grrrrr !!! It had all of my past Joshua pictures on it that we took with our camera. Ohhh! I was mad at her. Poor Joshua was soooo mad at her when she chewed up his twilight Princess game. She has been chewing everything.

Well, I'm off to my new job at Carenet this morning. Jeff, Micah and Lynn already took off for Micah's counseling appointment. Lynnie is excited because she gets to ride the bus home from headstart today. She is looking forwards to riding the bus. I hear a tongue busy licking Jacob. ewweeeee. I think it is gross to have a dog lick you. Hope y'all have a great day.


Kelly said...

Wow Sally, you guys were all up early this morning! I was up that early, but I wasn't functioning too well yet (I'm still not LOL). O Midna, please chew something else besides CD's!!!! I'm so sorry that she chewed the disc with Joshua's pictures. Do you have them on the computer or anything? I hope so. Anyways, hope your first day on the new job is Vonderbar!!! Thanks for all the news! Love to you, Kelly :^)

tsduff said...

Waiting to hear all about the big First Day - of work for you, and the BUS for Lynnie :)

I like the big Papasan chair... looks cozy alright!

One time Mom threatened to shoot Brandy when she chewed up all Mom's pictures at Midvale (in Culver City)... I cried because I thought she meant it. (She probably DID mean it at the moment, but later cooled down). Doggies chew - that is what they do.

Kelly said...

P.S. What happened to the Scarey Girl? I must say that I much prefer the cute smiling faces in the papsan chair. You rearranged your living room?