Friday, September 7, 2007

Our new Trail Blazer

Here is our new trail blazer that the Wallmart Pharmacy donated to us. :) We just got it today. It was a little embarrasing because we had a huge group of people all standing around shaking our hands and taking pictures. We still can't believe they gave us a 2004 trail blazer.

We have been so lucky to have wonderful support during this hard time. It is just hard to accept so much when the cost has been so high. We would gladly trade it all to have our Joshua here with us right now. He would have thought the new truck was really cool if he was here.


jhalvin said...

Hey Jeff and Sally. Called mom and she gave me you blog site. Cool Blazer. How everything. How are the kids. I will be in Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Mom stated both of you should be in Phoenix for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Hope Thsnksgiving. I am looking so foward to seeing you again. I sure do miss you. I like you blog. I will be loggin to your blog again. You take care.


Kelly said...

Wow Sal & Jeff! Your new Trailblazer is awesome and I'm so glad that this came through for you. What a blessing! You're right, Josh would love it!!! Wouldn't he love to think he had some part in giving it to you? And it did come right around your birthday...... :)

tsduff said...

Now that is SOME vehicle! Wooo hooooo - even a nice color. I'm so happy for you.