Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birthday Poem from Aunti Terry

Aunti Terry giving Joshua his first motorcycle ride
Thank you Terry for this lovely poem on Joshua's birthday

I'm singing a song
For a loved one who's gone
But I picture his face
Ever smiling
We think of his joy
Our sweet handsome boy
Of Joshua Cute and beguiling
I think of his family
of Sally and Jeff
Micah, Erik, Jacob Lynn Marie
And Westley as well,
Their grief blends with love
As they join hearts together with me.
Happy birthday dear Josh
Happy birthday from us
We miss you with each passing day
Happy birthday to you
We celebrate your life
Whose spark still gives out Lovely rays.
Thinking of you today on Josh's birthday.
Love and hugs,Terry


tsduff said...

Man alive Sally - I didn't know you had this picture. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. If you'll notice, it was our second trip to visit you there in Bullhead - I actually had graduated to my Harley which I wasn't embarassed to be seen on :). Little Josh was so cute and small - (has it really been almost 11 years since then??) and so excited to sit on the bike. I'm grateful for every single memory that little guy left me with. My eyes are overflowing with tears as I grieve our loss - but my life is better for knowing him.

ariel said...

I just don't know what to say.

Kelly said...

OH Sally, I almost forgot, but 2 of the books are in at the library in memory of Joshua! :D I think they will put them in the Bookmobile! Hope you get to see them before kids use them too much or lose them. But that's what library books are for. Love to you today....