Saturday, September 29, 2007

Birthday balloons

Joshua and Erik with Westley
I love this picture. Joshua adored Erik and Westley when they would come to visit. He and Erik both look so happy.
Joshua's birthday was very busy. Work and school for the family. Then off to Church for Wednesday night dinner and programs. We brought a happy birthday cake to the dinner in honor of Joshua. It disappeared very quickly. :) Jeff and I are going to a parenting Bible study while the kids are at Awana. Our group brought some flowers and balloons in honor of Joshua. We let the balloons go with our group. :) It was really nice and let us know that others are still thinking about us and willing to remember Joshua with us. Jeff bought balloons earlier in the day for us to release with the kids at home but it was too late when we got home so we planned on releasing them on Thursday.
When we came downstairs Thursday morning....GASP!!!! All the helium was already gone and the balloons were laying limp on the ground. What to do? What to do? So begins a new tradition....
Thursday night we all sat around in the living room and divided up the balloons. One at at time we all said something we remembered about Joshua and then...POP! The kids had a blast and couldn't wait for their next turn to say something about Josh and POP their balloon. We never would have planned that, but it worked out good and the kids will look forward to doing it again next year.


tsduff said...

You are so creative! Your idea is wonderful - and so much more meaningful than just releasing them into the sky. I can picture all of you, actively sharing as a family in memories of Joshua, positively building your new memories together. What a super way to turn the saggy balloons into something great :)

Love your pretty balloons - how did you do that?

jeff@sally said...

I made the balloons with windding font and used the parenthesis keys

tsduff said...

ahhh! Very smart idea :)

Kelly said...

Sally & Jeff,
What a wonderful way to turn an unexpected disappointment into a new and memorable tradition for your family!!!! and the little wingding balloons are so clever!!! (that's why you guys have a blog and I don't. I would never think up such creative things!!!). I absolutely adore that photo of Erik & Joshua and Westley!!! You're right, Erik & Josh look so happy!!!! I hope this week is going well for you. Love, Kelly :D

tsduff said...

Sally - are you getting excited about your trip yet? Nervous? Wish I could join you and Kelly :)

Have a great day.