Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our stay in Laramie 2004

Aren't we all cute.
We sure miss these day's.


tsduff said...

Josh with a scrape on his knee... all those cute baldy bean kiddos - yes, that was a happy time. I'm glad that G and I were able to visit Judy and John on the way home, so that I can picture the barn and everything else clearly. What a great ranch it is!!

Kelly said...

Jeff & Sal,
What great fun photos!!! Happy days playing in the barn and around the farm, sort of like Little House on the Prairie, and all that lovely green alfalfa hay!!
This top photo of all of you is funny because Jeff is looking at whoever took this photo while the rest of you are all turned to look at someone (or something) else. I haven't been to Judy & John's yet, so your photos just whet my appetite for a future visit. :^)