Friday, October 5, 2007


Hi all.

I am writing from Portland Oregon at my ultrasound training. I will have two more weeks of training up in Billings, Montana during the next two months. Once I get all my training done I will be abe to perform ultrasounds on the women who come to CareNet which is a pregnancy resource center to determine that they have a viable pregnancy. There is nothing like seeing your little one with a beating heart to help you know that you have a real living baby inside of you. It can be a life changing image for some of these moms.

I got to see Kelly on Thursday. She picked me up from the airport and we got to go see this very strange plastinization exibit. It is made up of real bodies that have gone through a special preservation process to preserve them. It was interesting but a little morbid.

I will get to come home on Sunday afternoon and can't wait to see my family. I love you Jeff, Erik, Micah, Jacob, and Lynnie. You too Joshua but I can't see you for a little longer yet. :)



tsduff said...

Oh, Sally away in her hotel room without little love bugs leaning all over her... :-D

Glad to hear you and Kelly hooked up. Wish I could have been there. I've been wanting to see that exhibition since George took his daughters to see it in Florida. I wasn't there. Then Kelly, Julee and I wanted to see it in Portland, but it cost too much for the whole hoard of kids and grownups to go. So maybe I'll just take myself down to San Jose when the show comes down there and see it then. I'm happy to hear about your job - it does sound like a wonderful positive way to spend your time working.

Love T

dandjschoch said...

So glad you got a chance to see Kelly, I hope you also had a chance to the rest of the family. I'll look forward to hearing how it all went.