Saturday, October 13, 2007

Drum Circle Family Night

Here are some cuties playing drums in the music room at Oregon Trail Elementary School.

Micah had a family night for his drum circle group at school. :) We snuck into the music room for some pics.

Way to drum Micah!

Is that Jacob???

And our little ballerina


Kelly said...

Sally & Jeff, your kids are way too cute!!!! What great photos! I was only able to make the first one bigger though for some reason. Not sure if the problem is in my computer (I think my mouse needs new batteries) or in the blog, or what. Anyways, keep on posting those great shots! Love you lots, Kelly :D

dandjschoch said...

The kids look great. I miss them. Give them all hugs for me. I stand corrected, Rachael says give them hugs from US! We got the packages safe and sound, thanks. My licence looks fake. I'm not used to the wyoming look. :) I have the same home address as you.... Take care,
fish baiter,

Kelly said...

What Julee? you got a Wyoming Driver's license? I would have you post it on your blog just so I could see, but I guess that wouldn't be a wise idea. How funny that you got a license there. I guess it works. :D

tsduff said...

Hey Julee - did you ever find my green sweat shirt? It used to be Bernards, but I think I left it in Wyoming :(

SALLY - those cool musicians look like pros... wow! Micah, where did you learn to dress so cool? Love that Hawaiian shirt - you rock! Wish I could have heard the drum circle gathering... wow! Great pics of everyone.

I've been out of blog land for a while since we were with Dad over the weekend... Stanford hospital isn't where we wanted to be!

Kelly said...

I still love these photos! :D

Terry: no fun for you all, especially Dad to be at the Stanford hospital, but at least you were in good hands, right? And now Bev is on her way to the hospital again for Alan's surgery. Hope that goes well.

Love you all....

jeff@sally said...

I got back from Billings late last night so I just now got to read all your coments. :)

Terry, I have your green sweat shirt. :) Now I just have to get it to you. Or you and George could always come visit and I could give it to you then. Hee Hee.

tsduff said...

I think we will come and visit you Sal - Just don't know exactly when. We love Casper - better than Walnut Creek I think. I didn't realize you went to Billings already! WOW, no wonder it was so quiet over here. I bet your family missed you tons - yay, you are back home safe and sound!