Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Snow

First snow of the season
The first snow fell last night and the kids are so excited. They all think they are going sledding after church. Little do they know that the tumble weeds haven't fully flattened and the snow is very wet so the sledding may not work to well. If he were here, Joshua would have already been out this morning and he would have left his wet snow clothes laying all over the living room. He was always excited about the snow. I have to go into the garage and find all the snow hats and gloves. I know I will be sad to find Joshua items in the winter boxes. Well, we are off to church. :)

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tsduff said...

Your snow looks amazing! And, very wet :D Yep, the season has begun. Love and hugs to you all, when pulling out all the winter clothes, and seeing your sweet boy's cold weather items. xo