Tuesday, October 9, 2007

picture repost

Since I love this picture and someone put a longwinded rude spam under it the last time I deleted that post and have put this one on instead. I hope everyone is having a good week. :)


tsduff said...

That obnoxious spammer has been making the rounds... it was so long it was hard to delete!! And, it keeps coming back on only one of my posts.

Anyway, you can post this picture any time you like - it is so cute :) Did the training go well in Portland? I hear you got to see the dead body plastic thing exhibit... I wanted to see that.

We get to go hear Dad play in the Stanford Alumni Band on Saturday - should be hilarious!

Kelly said...

I love this photo too. What a shame that someone would stoop so low as to put spam in your blog!! I can't remember what I wrote the first time you posted this, something about how I absolutely adore this photo of Josh where he is so candidly happy......a tousle haired boy with a sprinkling of freckles,doing what he loved to do most. I just love how he is such a happy boy in this photo. :D

sister celtic said...

Ya know Sally our son is in the process of adopting a baby and someone wrote insanity spam garbage that was satanic etc. about God and adoption so though it's ugly you aren't the only one that gets that stuff. They deleted it as I phoned to tell them. Also let me know when you get the audio tape I sent you as I pray it touches your heart with peace and understanding.

tm said...

Our memories of Josh will always be during the Upward season. Brad says that Josh always knew his scripture for the week. So dedicated. We did take time to remember him at our coaches meeting this last week.